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A Towing Service You Can Depend on in Gresham

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Gresham is a vibrant suburb of Portland, and like its metropolitan neighbor, it can quickly become a mess of traffic and cars that need to be towed. This is why Empire Towing serves the city by providing superior towing service and impeccable customer service. We understand how stressful it can be to have your car towed, so we go above and beyond to simplify the process and make it as free of stress as possible. Part of the reason we can do this is because we are familiar with Gresham’s layout and busiest areas. We aren’t afraid of providing service on Highway 26 or Interstate 84, even though these are some of the most trafficked areas in town. You can call on us for towing service no matter where you are or what kind of help you may need.

Also Offering Truck and Equipment Hauling

Our clients have a variety of commercial, residential and industrial towing issues, so we strive to be a versatile provider. Some of our special services include:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Truck hauling
  • Heavy-duty equipment hauling
  • Flatbed car-carrier service
These are just a few of the options we offer our clients. We understand that there are many businesses available for this service, but we hope to differentiate our company through fantastic care and professional treatment. When you hire us, you can know you’re trusting the top towing service in town.

Friendly Drivers & Knowledgeable Staff

Empire Towing is proud to assist the greater Gresham area with quality towing and hauling service. We also offer a tow truck in Sandy for clients in that area who are in need of services, too. If you would like to learn more about our offerings, company or availability, you can contact us by calling 503-389-8869.