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Three Things to Do if You Are Locked Out of Your Car

Getting locked out of your car is an incredible inconvenience in the best case scenario. In some instances, it can even create an emergency situation. Instead of panicking which can make things worse, there are other tips you can use to get help.

Use a Roadside Assistance Company

Companies that offer roadside assistance services are usually able to get you back into your car without too much difficulty and have the right equipment for a variety of situations. They typically don’t charge outrageous fees and can respond quickly to your call.

Call a Tow Truck

Most tow truck services are also able to get into locked cars and can move your car to a safer or more convenient location if necessary. They may also have tools to help in emergency situations.

Contact 911

If you get locked out of your car in an area or situation where you feel insecure, your first priority may be ensuring your safety. Calling 911 or contacting the police can be more costly, but may be worth it depending on the situation.
No one enjoys being locked out of their car, but you can drive with increased peace of mind if you know what to do if you are faced with that situation. For additional tips on what to do if you are locked out of your car, call Empire Towing at 503-389-8869.

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Last night I had gotten my second flat tire ever. I called my roadside assistance through my car insurance, they sent Empire towing. Let me just say that I was lucky to say the least. I didn't catch the guys name I know he told me, but darn if I can't remember it now. He's the owner, he was polite and professional. He even taught me a few things about my vehicle I was not aware of before. Thank you again for your services. If I am ever in need of a tow again I'll be requesting this company!!!
Tori Hagebusch on Facebook
Portland, Oregon
July 2, 2015